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Elia Dec 18 '16


Choose the correct answer: 

1. John ……. right now. 

a) is questioned 

b) is questioning 

c) questions 

d) is being questioned

2. It …. all day. 

a) has rained 

b) had been raining 

c) rained 

d) has been raining

3. Eminescu …… a lot of poems. 

a) has written 

b) had written 

c) has been writing 

d) wrote

4. Hardly …. ….. the house when he realized he had to come back. 

a) he had left 

b) had he left 

c) had he lived 

d) he has leaved

5. I’d rather you …. here. 

a) didn’t smoke 

b) don’t smoke 

c) won’t smoke 

d) doesn’t smoke

6. A zis că nu ştie nimic despre tine. 

a) She said she didn’t know nothing about you 

b) She said she knew anything about you 

c) She said she doesn’t know anything about you 

d) She said she knew nothing about you

7. She doesn’t like Chemistry. She’d rather …. Physics. 

a) chose 

b) choose 

c) had chosen 

d) chooses

8. She said she ….. me soon.  

a) will call 

b) would call 

c) calls 

d) has called

9. You ….. cross the border. It is forbidden. 

a) can’t 

b) mustn’t 

c) may not 

d) couldn’t

10. I …. Paul two days ago

a) meet 

b) met 

c) have met 

d) meeted

11. She …… yet. 

a) hasn’t arrived 

b) didn’t arrive 

c) has arrived 

d) haven’t arrived

12. Brian drives his car …. than his brother. 

a) more carefully 

b) carefullier 

c) more carefully 

d) more carefullier

13. They wanted to know where …. 

a) the museum is 

b) was the museum 

c) is the museum 

d) the museum was

14. It’s high time you ….. 

a) lived 

b) shall leave 

c) left d) will leave

15. If I had learned more I …. a better job

a) will have found 

b) would have found 

c) will find d) find

16. What …. today’s news? 

a) are 

b) is 

c) were 

d) has

17. At this time tomorrow, I …. over the Atlantic. 

a) will fly 

b) will be flying 

c) shall fly 

d) would fly

18. Open the window, …..? 

a) shall you 

b) will you 

c) can you 

d) may you

19. She is watching TV. …… 

a) So do I 

b) So am I 

c) So I do 

d) So I am

20. Ten times four is …… 

a) fourty 

b) fourteen 

c) forty 

d) forteen

21. She realized she might be … danger. 

a) in 

b) under 

c) on 

d) with

22. Actually this man is his …….. whom his mother married after their divorce

a) father in law 

b) stepfather 

c) warden 

d) guardian

23. This boy has been in this class … 2 years. 

a) since 

b) ago 

c) past 

d) for

24. They saw …. in the mirror. 

a) themselves 

b) themself 

c) themselvs 

d) themselfs

25. He was …. by his uncle after his parents’ death. 

a) brought out 

b) brought up 

c) grown up 

d) grown

26. A man whose wife is dead is a ….. 

a) widow 

b) spinster 

c) widower 

d) bachelor

27. You …. buy bread because we have enough

a) mustn’t 

b) can’t 

c) may not 

d) needn’t

28. ………. money, he would buy a new car. 

a) Should George save 

b) If George will save 

c) Should save George 

d) If George would save

29. If I … you, I wouldn’t do that. 

a) would be 

b) am 

c) will be 

d) were

30. We can’t afford …. a new house this year. 

a) to buy 

b) buy 

c) to buying 

d) buying

Elia Dec 18 '16


1. It’s so … when you can’t remember someone’s name

a) frustrated 

b) frustratingly 

c) frustrating 

d) frustratedly 

2. He accused his younger sister … all the lemon juice

a) drinking 

b) of drinking 

c) to drink 

d) that she drinks 

3. I received a phone call out of the … from a former colleague I hadn’t seen for 10 years. 

a) blue 

b) green 

c) purple 

d) black 

4. It … rain today, so take an umbrella! 

a) must 

b) can 

c) should 

d) might 

5. … do you need in order to buy a new flat? 

a) How many money 

b) How much moneys 

c) How many moneys 

d) How much money 

 6. Can you give me some more … about the flight to Madrid, please? 

a) informations 

b) information 

c) pieces of informations 

d) infos 

7. The officer isn’t allowed to drink while he’s … duty. 

a) on 

b) with 

c) in 

d) for 

8. If my cousin … in a hurry, she wouldn’t have forgotten her keys. 

a) wouldn’t have left 

b) hadn’t left 

c) doesn’t leave 

d) wouldn’t leave

9. Only students with high averages are eligible … an extension to their student visas

a) to 

b) of 

c) with 

d) for   

10. I’m never going to pay 20 £ for a cup of coffee! You … be joking! 

a) can 

b) should 

c) must 

d) ought 

11. I’m not in the mood for going out. I’d rather … home. 

a) stay 

b) staying 

c) to stay 

d) stayed 

12. I admire Tom for having spent 3 years living at a research station in … Antarctic. 

a) a 

b) the 

c) an 

d) - (no article) 

13. My Mum met Dad in 1990. … he was living in London

a) For the time being, 

b) On time, 

c) In time, 

d) At that time, 

14. Thank you for inviting us! We had … a great time! 

a) such 

b) so 

c) absolutely 

d) very 

15. You’ll have to be there … Tuesday! 

a) at 

b) in 

c) on 

d) since 

16. They won’t go to the seaside unless their friends … with them

a) come 

b) would come 

c) don’t come 

d) wouldn’t come 

17. Could you … me where I can find a pharmacy near here? 

a) say 

b) tell 

c) speak 

d) talk 

18. He fell asleep … driving. Fortunately, he is safe and sound! 

a) during 

b) while 

c) as 

d) when 

19. Last week we … on another trip to Istanbul.

a) go b) had gone c) went d) would go 
20. I love Robert De Niro. I think … latest film is just great! a) him b) he’s c) her d) his

Elia Dec 18 '16

Test de verficare limba engleza

I. Change to the plural  

1. That is a box.→ 

2. He is a man.→ 

3. This is a thief.→ .

4. It is a foot. → 

5. She gives a party.→ 

II. Fill in: ON, AT, IN  

1. I have English ____ Monday. 

2. It often snows ____ winter. 

3. We wake up____ 7 o’clock. 

4. Christmas is ____ 25th December. 

5. He comes home_____ noon. 

III. Put the verb in the correct tense.  

1. Listen! Someone ____________ ( sing ) . 

2. The baby ____________ ( not / sleep ) at the moment. 

3. ______ you _______________( play ) tennis every weekend?

4. They_____________ ( leave ) tomorrow. 

5. Mother always _______________ (wash) the dishes. 

IV. Turn into the plural  

1. butterfly - 3. wife - 5. boy -  2. potato - 4. sheep - 

V. Find the mistakes and correct them

1. This bag isn’t my.→ 

2. They has got a nice house.→ 

3. How much bananas do you have? → 

4. What is the cat? It’s in the garden. → 

5. He do not love animals. →

VI. Circle the correct word 

1. Is this Tim’s / Tims’ bag? 

2. The wind is / its blowing at the moment. 

3. What / Which is your name? 

4. Who’s / Whose car is this? 

5. Those bicycles are their / theirs. 

VII. Underline the correct variant

1. The dog is lying in front of / between the sofa. 

2. Are there any shops under/near your house? 

3. The cake is on / above the coffee table. 

4. I put my notebooks in / at my bag. 

5. The cinema is between / below the school and the hospital. 

VIII. Fill in the gaps with the following words: grass, man, water, house, hair. 

I have got four long legs, two small ears, two lovely black eyes and long ________ on my head. I’m a big animal. I don’t live in a _______ or a garden, I live on a farm. I like eating ________ and apples. I drink _______. A woman, a ______ or a child can ride me. 

IX. Write must/mustn’t/can/can’t.  

1. You ___________ talk during tests. 

2. ________ you speak English ? 

3. You _______ respect your family. 

4. I do not feel well. _________you call a doctor? 

5. She ________ play with dolls. She doesn’t have any dolls!